Monday, April 15, 2013

Shimano Tips for Easily Changing Brake Pads on Downhill MTBs

Want the low down on changing brake pads? 

Of course you do. Shimano's Nick Murdick explains in this video

(watch the video HERE)

While speed and plenty of it is the name of the game for downhill riders, brakes are still an important part of a mountain bike set-up as it can help check speed when riders approach more technical parts of a trail.

In this episode of Mountain Bike Chronicles Mini, Nick Murdick of Shimano shows how team mechanics go about changing brake pads on a mountain bike with a downhill set-up.

Professional riders will replace brake pads on their bikes a number of times during a race weekend for any number of reasons.

So mechanics need to know the process of changing the pads inside out if riders are to produce optimum performances every time they take to the track to race.

Nick reveals some super pro-tips on how to perform this servicing task that can of course be used on your own-bike.

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