Friday, April 5, 2013

2013 Trek Dual Sport Series- THE ALL IN ONE HYBRID

Everyone knows Trek is a world leader in mountain bike technology. 

They produce some of the most technologically advanced mountain bikes on the market. 

Each platform is a leader in its class and is loaded with features and details that will make any ride, on any trail, better. Take the Dual Sport for example.  A nimble hybrid with suspension, extra tread, and a moderate position for people who want the freedom to ride everywhere. If you can only have one bike, you want to get a dual sport. Sure, they get you from point A to point B faster than most other bikes, but there is so much more to this line!
SO much more, that it's hard to believe that these Gary Fisher collection bikes start at such a low price, with the quality they provide. There is such attention payed to detail like: the color-matched fork and ferruels on the cables.  They ride smooth, and help you find your love for adventure. Fast on the road to get you where you need to go: work, school, or other, yet has capable suspension and offers a confident ride on trails. 


Take your inner mountain biker out once in a while, with massive tire clearance on this bike you will be able to use tires as big as XDX 29"x1.8" MTB tires (without fenders). This light, strong frame is rack and fender ready, and is plenty equipped to do some weekend warrior trail riding! It's clear that hydroforming isn't just for show and the frame is stiffer and lighter for it. 

Trek begins the lineup with the 8.1 DS. Alpha Gold Aluminum, using manipulated tube shapes to balance strength and weight saving. 21 Speeds and easily accomodates 700x35c tires with fenders or up to an XDX 29"1.8" MTB tires without fenders. The 8.1 and all other Dual Sport bikes also come Bontrager saddles and bars to ensure complete comfort no matter how long you ride.

Trek 8.1 DS Pricing and Specs

The 8.2 DS receives a shock-absorbing suspension fork that allows the front wheel to travel up and down over bumps while the handlebars stay steady, for a comfortable, controlled ride.

Trek 8.2 DS Pricing and specs

Now we start moving into the big leagues with the 8.3. It comes with a nice upgrade to a Shimano Acera crank and rear derailleur, and is also outfitted with mechanical disc brakes. It's SR Suntour NEX MLO front fork is preload adjustable with lockout and has 63 mm of travel. You can expect this fork to deliver smooth riding and nimble handling over even the most potholed roads and bumpiest paths..

Trek 8.3 DS Pricing and Specs

The next step is the 8.4 and which means you get an upgraded Alivio crank, Shimano Deore rear derailleur, and Bontrager Satellite Elite ergonomic grips. You jump up to 27 speeds on this model, ensuring you always have the right gear on the road.

Trek 8.4 DS Pricing and Specs

The 8.5 is doing a great job as the second best bike in this lineup, boasting a fantastic Shimano SLX rear derailleur and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes that provide ultimate control and stopping power.

Trek 8.5 DS Pricing and Specs

All hail the 2013 Trek 8.6 DS. It is the ultimate two-in-one bike. Trek's proprietary IsoZone frame gives suspension that is built in to the frame. Your suspension lockout is remote controlled by a lever on the handlebar, making the 8.6 one of the best of the Gary Fisher Collection.

Trek 8.5 DS Pricing and Specs

Return to the simple joy of cycling with a go-anywhere, fast, lightweight hybrid bike from Trek. Commute on it, ride it on the road, ride it on bike paths, no matter where you ride, you'll have fun! Take the long way home.

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