Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mountain Biking at Jim Thorpe on My Trek Fuel EX-7. - My Therapy

Mountain biking – My therapy.

As you may know, the guys and I just got back from a weekend at Jim Thorpe for Bikeworks’ annual employee appreciation trip.  And I have to tell you, as many times as I’ve been to Jim Thorpe, it never gets old!  This place is chockfull of history and biking trails for everyone.

The most memorable day for me was on Friday, when we set out for a 4-hour mountain bike ride in the old coal strippings.  Although it rained off and on all day, the only time I really noticed it was when we were on the road getting to the trail and at the end coming back from the trail.  Once you enter the woods, it’s like a different dimension.  You suddenly feel a calmness and excitement at the same time.  Your total being becomes one.  Your eyes are looking every which way at the different canvases of color and textures.  Your nose picks up mixtures of aromas only experienced in the forest including my favorite – wet wood and pine.  All you hear are the sounds of your breath as you crunch leaves and sticks under your tire as you roll along.  Muscles that you haven’t used in awhile are thankfully awakened by their efforts in getting you and your bike over and through the varied terrain.

It is so exhilarating for me to experience a single-track trail paved with rocks, running steams, hairpin turns and steep descents to trails that open up to a carpet of pine needles and walls of rhododendron bushes.  Then there are the spectacular views.  Being the slower rider of the group, I would look forward to regrouping with the guys while they kindly waited usually at the most breathtaking vistas.  High on the mountain, we saw deep valleys of fall color while a freight train curved its way along the rock and coal landscape.

So when I begin to feel the stresses of life, I put myself back on my Trek Fuel EX-7 and begin rolling through the woods.  Mountain biking – it’s good therapy for the heart, the mind, and the soul.

Thanks for reading.

Michelle McCoach

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