Monday, February 25, 2013

Bikeworks Carnival! 2013 Trek Test Rides, Raffles, Prizes, and More! April 27th, 2013

Mark Your Calendar For the 2013 Bikeworks Carnival!

Trek Bicycles
Come check out and ride the latest Trek road and mountain bikes.

Come check out and ride the latest Fuji road and mountain bikes.

Touch and feel the latest Colnago wears

See the latest technology of Sram

Test ride a set of Zipp Wheels

Need to relieve stress? Looking for a fun, fast way to get fit? Would you like the confidence to know you can protect yourself? Do you want your child to be more confident, happy, and successful?  Come watch a live class in action.

Located in Telford, PA, the leading health professionals at Healing Place are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives -- combining skill and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum. Dr. Greg White will be offering free adjustments.

Come see the guys at Harleysville Computer build a computer and explain the different components of what goes into a unit. Demos all day.
Wentz Massage Bryn Wentz of Wentz massage will be offering complimentary massages. Come see why Bryn is the best at identifing and addressing muscle problems.

See what Suburban Cyclist Unlimited Bike Club has to offer in the way of local cycling events.
Hot Dog Man
Food and drinks will be available for purchase.

Dollar Raffle to win BIG!

Buy your lottery ticket online! 
For each ticket purchase, your information will be entered
to win one of the great prizes below!

Grand Prize!!*
2013 Trek 8.3 DS
Valued at $609.99
Click here to learn more

2nd Prize*
Cycleops Magneto Trainer
Valued at $279.99

3rd Prize*
Fizik Arione R3
Valued at $199.99

Other Prizes**
10 Pairs of Tifosi sunglasses
Fuji Jersey and Shorts
Breezer T-shirts
Thule T-shirts
Prizes from Sram
Water Bottles
* Do not need to be present to win     ** Must be present to win

Friday, February 22, 2013

Trek Madone 2013 Series 6 Inherits the Wind

2013 Trek Madone 6 Series Amazing Ride

Those who can afford a Trek 6 series seem to agree on one concept.  It should be possible to go really fast and seriously far, and yet still have all your fillings in your teeth when you dismount.  The 2013 Trek Madone 6 Series provides vertical compliance, says not less an expert resource than Trek Bicycle Company, and we have to agree.  You can move along the back roads with this 15 pound screaming machine full out and not feel as though you might have forgotten to put on the tires.

But you'd be wrong to think that improved vertical compliance is all Trek did with this completely revised Madone.  The bikes history is repleat with reviews of this aero bike being among the best for handling, and being as quick as it is fast.

The new design keeps all the best parts of the reputation, and adds comfort and confidence that impresses you from the moment you click in.

The 6 Series bikes starts by using 600 Series OCLV, which Trek explains has optimum compaction and low void.  The carbon on the 6 series, of course, has a bit higher stiffness-to-weight ratio than on the 5 Series. The 7 Series has even higher stiffness compared to the weight.

The 5, 6, and 7 series get a  KVF aero tubing or Kammtail Virtual Foil.  Caley Fretz at says:

"To put it simply, Trek has upped the ante in the aero road segment,  pushing forward with innovative new technology both within the frame  itself, and with the parts that hang from it."
The frame shapes used are becoming a Trek staple now, as they introduced  the Kamm Virtual Foil (KVF) on the Speed Concept two years ago.  The incorporate KVF tubes throughout the frame — with the downtube, head tube, seat stays  and fork all received the treatment — and the cut-off aerodynamic  profiles generate low drag figures normally associated with much longer,  narrower tube shapes. That usually means wider tubes with the same low  drag, resulting in more stiffness, lower weight, and better ride  quality. Wider tubes also allow for thinner tube walls, which make a  frame more lively. It’s a formula used with great success by Scott on  its Foil aero road frame, and proven once again with the new Madone.

The overall wind tunnel improvement reduces drag by 60g.

Getting rid of even more drag, but improving the design  as well, Trek has integration everywhere . This starts with internal cabling.  In the new Modone the rear mech cable reappears near the end of the chainstay.  The bike is Di2 electronic shifting ready.

The Madone's new positioning of the front brakes up flush against the fork crown combined with the improved shaping of the fork provides 76g of drag reduction.  The rear brake is hidden behind the bottom bracket, providing additional savings on wind resistance.

In a final flourish, the DuoTrap digital sensor is recessed into the chainstay and the 3S chain keeper integrates directly into the frame.  All very nice touches for improving slipperyness on this already wind tunnel proven product.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hurricane Sandy and A Bicycle - Video You Won't Forget

There Are Many Things You Can Do on A Bike - Riding Around in A Hurricane Is One of Them

We are not likely to have a hurricane in Harleysville, but our friends to the East certainly found out how bad that can be.  And it may never have occurred to you to go pedaling through the streets of a New York City inundated by the hurricane of the century.  But inveterate reporter and cyclist, Casey Neistat has another point of view.

Like Geraldo, he goes where others might wisely choose to avoid.  But it makes for some great news coverage, and a tribute to the most efficient and effective vehicle on the planet.

Do you have a great video showing other examples of folks using bicycles to go where cars or other vehicles can't?  Please let us know in the comments below, or send us an email.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mountain Biking at Jim Thorpe on My Trek Fuel EX-7. - My Therapy

Mountain biking – My therapy.

As you may know, the guys and I just got back from a weekend at Jim Thorpe for Bikeworks’ annual employee appreciation trip.  And I have to tell you, as many times as I’ve been to Jim Thorpe, it never gets old!  This place is chockfull of history and biking trails for everyone.

The most memorable day for me was on Friday, when we set out for a 4-hour mountain bike ride in the old coal strippings.  Although it rained off and on all day, the only time I really noticed it was when we were on the road getting to the trail and at the end coming back from the trail.  Once you enter the woods, it’s like a different dimension.  You suddenly feel a calmness and excitement at the same time.  Your total being becomes one.  Your eyes are looking every which way at the different canvases of color and textures.  Your nose picks up mixtures of aromas only experienced in the forest including my favorite – wet wood and pine.  All you hear are the sounds of your breath as you crunch leaves and sticks under your tire as you roll along.  Muscles that you haven’t used in awhile are thankfully awakened by their efforts in getting you and your bike over and through the varied terrain.

It is so exhilarating for me to experience a single-track trail paved with rocks, running steams, hairpin turns and steep descents to trails that open up to a carpet of pine needles and walls of rhododendron bushes.  Then there are the spectacular views.  Being the slower rider of the group, I would look forward to regrouping with the guys while they kindly waited usually at the most breathtaking vistas.  High on the mountain, we saw deep valleys of fall color while a freight train curved its way along the rock and coal landscape.

So when I begin to feel the stresses of life, I put myself back on my Trek Fuel EX-7 and begin rolling through the woods.  Mountain biking – it’s good therapy for the heart, the mind, and the soul.

Thanks for reading.

Michelle McCoach

Friday, February 15, 2013

2013 Trek Domane 4.0 — Dominate the Road!

The 2013 Trek Domane 4.0 is Absolutely Incredible

It is packed with amazing features for all you serious cyclists. To start, it's fully carbon and is designed for the racers that want a bike that goes just as fast as any other bike. The Domane but is built for comfort, even over unforgiving cobblestone roads.

 ONLY $1,999.99 at Bikeworks

In order to fulfill the needs of these racers, Trek has been working around the clock for years. Their engineers have come up with a design called "isospeed." Isospeed means that the seat tube is completely isolated from the rest of the frame to make the seat mast act like extra suspension without compromising the stiffness of the frame.

The bottom bracket is stiff and wide, which aids in acceleration despite the extra backward flex allowed by the seat mast. It's always a hassle when your chain comes off of your crank, but this year Trek has introduced a "chain keeper" to keep your chain in place even when you are at the top of your cadence.

At the end of the day, this bike is as comfortable as a touring bike, yet as fast as a racing bike. There's nothing better that a good two-in-one.

Come on down to Bikeworks and BW Cycle Studios at 500 Main St. in Harleysville P.A. to take a test ride or just to get a closer look. You'll be happy you did!

Phone: (215) 513-7550