Friday, January 18, 2013

How Do You Buy The Right Bike? Check Out Part 2 Of the Fit First Series - The Fitting

Ed Hall continues his "Fit First Series"
Part 2: The Fitting

In this segment, Ed conducts a flexibility assessment on Mike. What he will look for is: Lower back flexibility, hamstring flexibility, and hip flexor flexibility. There are specific methods and measuring tools that Ed will use to find the maximum flexation of these areas.

In addition to the flexation measurements, Ed also uses a full 7 Point skeletal measurement. These measurements will help Ed understand how to help Mike sit better on the bike.

"Fitting first will always get you on a better performing bicycle. No matter what your budget, your material choices, drivetrain choices, or wheel choices would be. Always fit first, and you will be able to be a more efficient, more comfortable, and more happy cyclist." - Ed Hall

Come to Bike Works today to set up your fitting appointment, or you can always do it on the website at

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