Monday, January 21, 2013

How Do You Choose The Right Bike? Fit First Series Part 3: Choosing the Right Frame

In the third installment of the Fit First Series, Ed continues performing a fitting on Mike at BW Cycle Studios.

Ed also lets you in on a secret: if you just choose a bike off the wall, it may not fit you properly and there are consequences to that.

The bikes that are presented in this video only have one difference. One has a stem that is 5cm taller than the other. Just that slight amount of difference can be a problem for your wrists, shoulders, and back.

Ed proceeds to show you what happens when he lowers Mike's training bike to 5cm below his flexibility. Check it out, and make sure you check out the last video in the series, Part 4: Choosing a Drivetrain.

Also, go to the website, call (215) 513-7550, or come by the shop in Harleysville to set up your Fitting appointment TODAY

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