Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sometimes... It is About the Bike...

I was diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic on January 21st, 2012.  That was 367 days ago.  After spending the first 30 years of my life as a healthy and active person; this came as a great shock and devastated me mentally.  I was never one to eat junk food, sit around, or even smoke and drink.  I lived my life in order to ride and race my bikes and be successful at that.  I exercised and stayed fit to do what I love.  I believed that I would never be able to ride and race again.  I walked away from my bike for 7 months.
One of the most important things for a Diabetic person is exercise.  We need to stay active.  It helps a TON in managing our blood sugar and being able to function just like a non-diabetic.  Well, I had a room full of exercise…  A Seven Axiom SL road bike…  A Seven Sola SL 29er… A Trek X02 cross bike...   A Fuji Track Pro track bike.  What excuse did I have for not doing something other than my own mind?  The answer?  None…
July rolled and I was feeling more confident in my control and I had a new shiny CGM that was constantly checking my blood sugar, so I put my shorts on and clipped in.  Wow… What a feeling!  I have always enjoyed my time on my Seven, but after 7 months away from it, you really do appreciate the ride and how perfectly we fit together.  The ride was short, only 30 some miles, but it opened my mind and my eyes to the fact that I was still who I always was.  A few weeks later; I rode a 100 miles.  I just went out and keep going; just like the old days.

For me, the bike was always secondary to my love of riding and racing.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love my bikes and appreciate how great they are.  They are awesome machines and definitely help my riding, but they were never something I needed…  Now; I need them.  They keep me healthy and alive.  

Do I want to say my bikes helped save my life and allow me to be typing this today?  Yes… Yes they did.  My bikes have transitioned from an aid in my love of cycling to something I need in my life.  My bikes helped me find the best Endocrinologist in the world, some great new riding partners, and my sanity again.
I hate clichés and I loathe spins on clichés, but sometimes it is about the bike.


How Do You Choose The Right Bike? Fit First Series Part 4: Drivetrain and Frame Selection

In the final segment of the Fit First Series, Ed Hall explains how to choose the right frame material and drivetrain to finish off your bike selecting process.

Ed goes through the frame material choices and explains some benefits for each. He compares weight, strength, durability, flexibility and more.

He also discusses what to look for in choosing a drivetrain, and wraps up the series with a few extra tips.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

How Do You Choose The Right Bike? Fit First Series Part 3: Choosing the Right Frame

In the third installment of the Fit First Series, Ed continues performing a fitting on Mike at BW Cycle Studios.

Ed also lets you in on a secret: if you just choose a bike off the wall, it may not fit you properly and there are consequences to that.

The bikes that are presented in this video only have one difference. One has a stem that is 5cm taller than the other. Just that slight amount of difference can be a problem for your wrists, shoulders, and back.

Ed proceeds to show you what happens when he lowers Mike's training bike to 5cm below his flexibility. Check it out, and make sure you check out the last video in the series, Part 4: Choosing a Drivetrain.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

How Do You Buy The Right Bike? Check Out Part 2 Of the Fit First Series - The Fitting

Ed Hall continues his "Fit First Series"
Part 2: The Fitting

In this segment, Ed conducts a flexibility assessment on Mike. What he will look for is: Lower back flexibility, hamstring flexibility, and hip flexor flexibility. There are specific methods and measuring tools that Ed will use to find the maximum flexation of these areas.

In addition to the flexation measurements, Ed also uses a full 7 Point skeletal measurement. These measurements will help Ed understand how to help Mike sit better on the bike.

"Fitting first will always get you on a better performing bicycle. No matter what your budget, your material choices, drivetrain choices, or wheel choices would be. Always fit first, and you will be able to be a more efficient, more comfortable, and more happy cyclist." - Ed Hall

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How Do You Buy The Right Bike? Find Out With Our Fit First Series: Part 1 - The Pre-Fit Interview

Ed Hall from Bike Works in Harleysville, PA starts the,"Fit First Series," with what you can expect at a pre-fitting interview at Bike Works.

He will start by asking you some questions about the goals you have for yourself, and the goals you have set for your new bike. How do you want IT to perform? In addition to this, Ed will talk with you about what kinds of issues you have had physically: i.e. back and neck. All this information will help Ed find out exactly what you're looking for, as well as exactly what you need.

Most of the time of the fitting will be conducted in this interview, to expedite the rest of the process. The more information, the better. This way, with his new bike there won't be any pain, numbness, or discomfort, so he can go out and reach his goals when cycling.

Go to this page to get more information about our fitting services.

Check out the next segment of the Fit-First Series; Part 2: The Fitting