Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Women’s Mountian Bike from Trek, the 2013 Skye SL Disc!

If you are a woman and you LOVE to go mountain biking, the 2013 Trek Skye SL Disc is definitely the bike for you. It’s fun, versatile, and designed to fit you right from the start. You will be confident riding this bike on or off the road, knowing that the bike is capable of handling any trail you can find. Trek uses high-performance aluminum with manipulated tube shapes to balance strength and weight. That means the frame is stiff, maneuverable, and light.

Trek WSD: Women’s Specific Design means that the bike will be great-fitting from the first time you sit on it.The better the fit, the greater your comfort, stability, power, and control. Don’t forget that the 2013 Skye comes with hydraulic disc brakes for amazing stopping power; even if you only use one finger on the lever!

Come to Bikeworks, and check out the Skye SL Disc. We are located on 500 Main Street in Harleysville, and our phone number is (215) 513-7550.

Don’t wait! Come see us today!


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